General Arrangement Design Services

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General Arrangement Design Services Expand

General Arrangement Design Services

New product

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  • Once you have chosen your kitchen equipment from ekuep, our engineers can prepare a General Arrangement with a proper layout of your new kitchen to study the efficiency of operation.
  • We will also provide you the legends which helps us detail the positioning and dimensions of your equipment.
  • This will allow you to visualize your purchase and ensure the optimal use of the equipment.

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Package Types

Package TypeScope Of WorkDeliverablesTotal Rounds
BasicCreate maximum two drafts. Customer can start using his own design sketch or can use one of our standard design. Second draft will implement any modification customer wants. Communication with the client over portal or email.GA Drawing with legend.2
PremiumBasic+ 2 more rounds. With elevation drawing of all walls and equipment elevation obstruction checking. Indicating exact heights for all items to be practical for operation. Detailing wall enforcement, and high level and low level works site preparation.GA Drawing with legend, Room schedule elevations4