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There are those who believe that in order to get the best coffee drink that they would have to buy the most expensive machines available. Coffee aficionados know better. They know that for coffee brewing, they can always depend on AeroPress.

AeroPress by Aerobie is a simple but innovative coffee maker that can produce the richest coffee drink that you can experience. It can brew espresso-like coffee under a combination of conditions that are ideal for producing the best results; rapid filtering, total immersion, and the right temperature. You can get a wide range of results with this simple implement, without the usual bitterness and high acidity.

The AeroPress is designed for home kitchen use, but because it is lightweight, durable, and compact it can also be used almost anywhere. You can bring it when camping, backpacking, and traveling. The AeroPress was designed for making one cup of coffee at a time. It uses a plunger-like action in order to extract the flavor from the grounds. Just grind some coffee, insert a filter (or 2-3 filters), and you're good to go. You can choose between the regular or inverted methods to find your perfect cup of coffee.

AeroPress was invented by Alan Adler. His company, Aerobie, first gained prominence for making flying discs that set world records. So, the company has actually found success in the coffee and toy industries. Adler is an acclaimed inventor whose innovations range from devices used in astronomy to sailing.

AeroPress is Adler’s take on improving the way that coffee is made. It simplified the whole process while producing quality drinks consistently. What’s really significant is that the AeroPress does not cost a lot, especially when compared with specialty machines and devices that are all meant for producing high quality coffee drinks. The device is as simple and as uncomplicated as it looks.

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