Mazzer Major Electronic

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Mazzer Major Electronic

Mazzer Mazzer


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The coffee grinder which you will be using in your business is just as important as the other pieces of equipment in your coffee house or restaurant. The quality of the grind which you will be getting will also be a factor in the overall quality of the drinks which you will be serving.

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Mazzer Major Electronic Description

  • This electronic grinder and doseris equipped with blades that are flat. These are very suitable for places with medium to high consumption.

  • The unit comes with stepless micrometric adjustment. This allows you make adjustments until you find the most suitable setting for the kind of coffee drink that you want to produce.

  • With the Major, you get on-demand grinding with electronic dose adjustment.

  • It comes equipped with a digital display with an accurate shot counter which tells you just how much you have produced with the unit already.

  • There is no need to worry about the motor overheating because the Major comes with its own ventilation device.

  • Hand tamper and tamper support is included.

  • The coffee bean container of the unit has a 1.8kg capacity which should be more than enough for most establishments.

  • The unit itself has a total net weight of 20kg.

These are just some of the features which you can get from the Major. As you can see, a unit like this really belongs to a commercial establishment. It can be a real asset there with all of its modern features.

About Mazzer

In the years between the two world wars, Luigi Mazzer founded the company which would become his namesake. It started making high quality coffee grinders and it quickly became a favorite in the market. Mazzer is now one of the top manufacturers in the world of coffee grinders and other related accessories. The products from the brand are distributed in over 90 countries and are known for quality, excellent design, and reliability.