Nuova Simonelli Grinta Grinder

Nuova Simonelli Nuova Simonelli

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Nuova Simonelli Grinta Grinder

Nuova Simonelli Nuova Simonelli

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AED 1,295.00

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  • Grinding Disc: 50 mm Stainless Steel
  • Grinding Capacity: 4.5 Kg
  • Three unique color options (black and red) 
  • Simple and intuitive grind adjustment 
  • Portafilter operator switch 
  • A high power electric motor 
  • Transparent bean hopper 0.5 Kg
  • Extractable coffee ground tray

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There are certain qualities which are needed in a coffee grinder which will be used in a commercial setting. It should be easy to use, it should be consistent, and it shouldn’t give you a hard time when it comes to adjustment. The Nuova Simonelli Grinta Coffee Grinder is a model which has all these qualities. Here are some of the more important features of this model:


  • One of the best things about the Grinta is its high capacity. It can actually handle 4.5 Kg of coffee each hour. That should be enough for a small-sized establishment.

  • No matter what kind of setting you choose, you can be sure that the Grinta will be consistent and will come up with consistent results.

  • The Grinta was designed for handling small volumes of grinding and because of that, it was also designed to be reliable.

  • It comes equipped with a large hopper with a capacity for 0.5 kg, which should be large enough to meet the needs of your business. Just keep in mind that beans are best stored in airtight containers to keep them fresh.

  • Other grinders have all kinds of high-tech features, the Grinta, on the other hand, keeps it simple, but that’s part of its charm. You can adjust it with ease whenever you want to.

  • The small footprint of the machine means that it won’t take up too much space in your work area.

  • This professional grinder provides great value for its price.

  • The plastic body of the Grinta makes it easy to clean and maintain. You wouldn’t have a hard time keeping things tidy with it.


These are the qualities which you can expect to get from the  Grinta Coffee Grinder. Don’t forget another huge advantage that it has to offer over other grinders; it’s made by Nuova Simonelli, which is a leading name when it comes to making coffee equipment.


Nuova Simonelli is an Italian company with experience and tradition going back many years. It has been making espresso machines, which it exports all over the world, since 1936. Today, Nuova Simonelli can boast a vast range of products that are able to meet the requirements of the hospitality trade, right across the board. Company investments into R and D and the development of new solutions have brought important recognition: World Barista Championship, Compasso d'Oro for design innovation, the first ergonomic machine and cutting-edge applications. proudly represents Nuoval Simonelli in Saudi Arabia and other GCC countries, such as Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, UAE and Qatar. We offer a wide selection of coffee machines, grinders and accesories available online exclusively through our website.