Pitco SE14S-C-FF-FD Frialator

Pitco Pitco


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Pitco SE14S-C-FF-FD Frialator

Pitco Pitco


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  • Pitco heavy Duty 2 well Fryer Computer Controller With Filter System, 2 x 14" Wide Fry Tank 17Kw Each Well (34Kw)
  • Electric: 240/60/3
  • Stainless Steel Tank, Stainless Steel Front & Sides
  • Foot Print Automatic Filtration.
  • Computerized control with 12 count down timers with elastic “flex time” for more product consistency. Melt cycle, boil-out capability and drain valve interlock switch.

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When you are choosing a fryer for your establishment, there are a lot of qualities which you should be looking for. Two of those qualities are high production capacity and energy efficiency.

The Pitco SE14S-FF-FD Frialator can offer you both of those qualities. Here are some of the features of this fryer:

  • Stainless steel construction of the unit makes it easy to clean and stylish at the same time.

  • Welded and smooth finish makes the cleaning extra easy.

  • For safety, the  SE14S-FF-FD Frialator is equipped with a temperature limits switch. This feature will turn off the unit once it goes beyond the set high temperature.

  • Another important safety feature is the drain valve interlock switch. This is used during the draining of the oil. When the drain valve is opened, it disables the fryer so there is less risk of accidental fires.

  • Its proximity switch is hermetically sealed and it has no moving parts which can become contaminated with grease.

  • Solstice electric fryers have fixed heating elements which are fixed. This reduces or eliminates oil migration, improving the quality of the fried foods. This design feature also enhances the safety in the working area of your establishment by keeping the hot elements inside the tank.

  • The unit has adjustable legs which make it ideal for use in a location where the floor area is uneven.

  • Removing the filter unit is made easy for faster cleaning and maintenance.

  • The unit is UL and CUL certified, which means it meets international standards. It is also NSF listed, meaning it is safe.

  • It comes with a clean out rod which helps in the cleaning and the maintenance of the fryer.



Pitco Frialator, Inc. is a global provider of kitchen equipment for professional fryers. Pitco was established in 1981 by J.C. Pitman. 

Pitco produces and distributes water cookers, pasta cookers, oil filtration systems, and different types of fryers to the foodservice sector worldwide. The company’s product lines also include gas, electric, ROV, rack, and donut fryers, easy-to-carry filters and oil disposal supports, pasta cookers and rethermalizers.

For over a decade, Pitco has manufactured handy equipment to provide the best in fried foods. It has been recognized as an industry leader in design, research, and providing innovative frying concepts.