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Wells F-67 Dual Pot Electric Countertop Fryer Expand


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  • Features stainless steel top, front sides fry pot and elements
  • F-30 fryers are equipped with swing-up, immersion- type, heavy duty, stainless steel elements
  • can produce 30kg of French fries per hour
  • dual controls
  • Oil temperature is operated by a snap-action thermostat that ranges from 200° F to 375° F
  • Dual deep drawn, removable, stainless steel fry pots each contain 7L
  • Made In America

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A durable and easy to use fryer is going to be an invaluable addition to your kitchen equipment. The F-67 Dual Pot Electric Countertop Fryer has those two qualities, which is why you should consider getting it for your establishment. Here are some of the features of this unit:

  • The F-67 comes equipped with dual full-size and rear hanging fry baskets that are interchangeable.

  • The swing-up elements which are placed right below the two baskets are designed to be heavy duty. The elements are made from stainless steel and come with low watt density to ensure long life.

  • The element control housing has a spring-loaded support rod which will help to secure the elements.

  • The two deep containers are made from nickel-plated steel can hold up to 15 pounds of oil. These containers are removable for easy cleaning.

  • For safety, the unit is equipped with a manual reset safety thermostat. This feature will shut down the power to the unit if it detects overheating.

  • The metal legs of the unit are adjustable, allowing it to be placed in any location.

  • The F-67 Dual Pot Electric Countertop Fryer is designed for easy cleaning and maintenance.

  • Product dimensions: 630mm x 598mm x 416mm.

The F-67 Dual Pot Electric Countertop Fryer has qualities which would make it a very valuable piece of equipment in your foodservice business. Consider getting one now, so you can maximize the benefits.

About Wells

Founded in San Francisco by George F. Wells, the Wells Manufacturing Company has been making commercial cooking equipment since the 1920s. Wells products are sold in countries all over the world and trusted by cooks and chefs. Today, Wells is one of the most established and well-known names when it comes to commercial cooking.

Data sheet

Electricity220V/1 phase
Frequency (Hz)50, 60
Power (W)11500
Oil Capacity (liter)6.8
Number of Wells2
Split WellNo
Fryer ControlAnalog
Fryer TypeElectric
Fryer OrientationCounter-Top
Built-In Oil FilterNo