Nemco 55650 Slice Easy LettuceKutter

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Nemco 55650 Slice Easy LettuceKutter

Nemco Nemco


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  • The Nemco 55650 slice Easy LettuceKutter is ideal for chopping iceberg and other lettuces, as well as slicing melon for fruit trays
  • Interlocked blades nested in the frame don’t suffer from flexing
  • Handle design uses leverage to amplify the user’s strength

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Nemco 55650 Slice Easy LettuceKutter

Chop your lettuces and melons for salad or fruit trays using Nemco 55650 Slice Easy LettuceKutter. Get to know how this cutter works.

  • This cutter has a slicing blade assembly that can be used for slicing lettuce when preparing your customers’ favorite tacos, subs or sandwiches.

  • Its interlocking blades can cut ½-inch slices of lettuce without being squashed, bruised or let it to brown easily. It does not need to be flexed or no tensioning necessary when in use.

  • Its handle has leverage that can be adjusted based on the user’s preference.

  • It can cut a whole lettuce’s core head in a quick motion and the entire core in about 10 seconds.

  • The equipment’s blade parts and pusher block can be removed for easy cleaning. No other tools are required.

  • It consists of non-slip legs that make this cutter stable and do large tasks.

  • Product dimensions: 13-inch (width), 18-inch (depth), and 20-inch (height).

For salad-making and fruit trays, Nemco 55650 Slice Easy LettuceKutter is a must-have for restaurants, hotels, and food outlets.



Nemco (Neidhardt Engineering and Manufacturing Company) was established in 1976 by Ed Neidhardt with help from his brother and father. Since its founding, the company has continued to come up with innovative solutions for foodservice equipment needs. Their products are preferred by establishments all over the world. The company’s goal is to always exceed the expectations of their customers by delivering high-quality products all the time.