Nemco 56500-1 Easy Chopper Vegetable Dicer

Nemco Nemco


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Nemco 56500-1 Easy Chopper Vegetable Dicer Expand

Nemco 56500-1 Easy Chopper Vegetable Dicer

Nemco Nemco


New product

AED 1,050.00

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  • Fast, efficient, easy to use and easy to clean
  • For salsa, pizza toppings, drink garnishes, and more
  • Equipped with stainless steel blades that stay super- sharp and taut, and the metal construction holds up to the heaviest-duty, day-in, day-out work

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In a foodservice business, saving time in food prep is a must. Having your staff spend too much time in doing certain processes would mean that you’re running an inefficient operation. This is why it helps to have simple tools like a vegetable dicer in your kitchen. The Nemco 56500-1 Easy Chopper Vegetable Dicer is a great choice for this kind of tool:

  • Cutting up vegetables into smaller portions is made a lot easier with the 56500-1 Easy Chopper Vegetable Dicer. Being made by Nemco, you can get some reassurance about the quality of this tool since the company is well-known for producing excellent kitchen tools.

  • It comes with an ergonomically designed weighted handle. Not only is the handle comfortable and easy to use, but it also does most of the work of dicing up the veggies.

  • The unit is also versatile as it can also be used to slice and even wedge vegetables. The secret to the versatility of this tool are the interchangeable blade assemblies which will let you perform numerous functions. The blade assemblies can be interchanged quickly which will increase the efficiency of your kitchen.

  • The guide rods of the unit help when it comes to applying consistent pressure to the food being diced or sliced.

  • It has a large cutting area which can handle the largest onions and other vegetables.

  • The dicer is equipped with stainless steel blades which stay sharp for a long time and are designed to cut with one stroke.

  • The unit is equipped with four non-skid feet which will stay sturdy and balanced even under the toughest conditions.

As you can see, the Nemco 56500-1 is not just a dicer, but it can also be used as a slicer and for wedges making. It’s a multi-purpose tool which can help in increasing the efficiency of your kitchen. Use it now in order to help boost your profits.

About Nemco

Nemco (Neidhardt Engineering and Manufacturing Company) was established in 1976 by Ed Neidhardt with help from his brother and father. Since its founding, the company has continued to come up with innovative solutions for foodservice equipment needs. Their products are preferred by establishments all over the world. The company’s goal is to always exceed the expectations of their customers by delivering high-quality products all the time.



Founded by Ed Neidhardt in 1976, Nemco Food Equipment is best recognized in providing innovative food preparation equipment solutions for the foodservice sector that reduces labor-intensive tasks, makes things easier and uses more cost-efficient technology when preparing signature dishes. This market-driven manufacturer was based in Hicksville, Ohio, USA. 

Aside from its main food-preparation machines, Nemco seeks to create, produce and distribute its other countertop products in hotdog cooking equipment, food-merchandising tools and food-holding machines, including its various ovens, boiling units, toasters, waffle and cone bakers, industrial food-waste disposers and other related products.