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Roundup TTS-4 Solar Timer Roundup TTS-4 Solar Timer 2
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Roundup TTS-4 Solar Timer

AJ Antunes
AED 1,366
Timer with 4 channels Helps staff monitor two stages of cooking or holding times Programmable times are convenient for repeat or popular items End of cycle is indicated with audio and visual signals Solar-powered operation eliminates the need for an electrical outlet Magnetic mounting provides quick and easy installation
Digital Pocket Thermometer
Sold out
Kitchen Supplies

Digital Pocket Thermometer

AED 73
Ideal for thin foods; FDA recommended -40-450 degrees Fahrenheit temperature range 4 second response time Backlight display for easy reading in any lighting Complies with HACCP recalibration requirements Compact pocket style with anti-microbial housing and sleeve Auto-off/Disable auto-off features; Min/Max registry Waterproof
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