Rocket R58 Dual Boiler Espresso Machine

Rocket Espresso Rocket Espresso

R 58 V

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R 58 Expand

Rocket R58 Dual Boiler Espresso Machine

Rocket Espresso Rocket Espresso

R 58 V

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  • The R58 is a dual boiler espresso machine featuring PID temperature control, full commercial rotary pump, and the option of using a direct water connection or the water reservoir supply
  • All stainless steel with stainless steel cup frame surround
  • With cool-touch technology: anti-burn (only the nozzle gets hot)
  • Easy cleaning as milk does not bake on wand

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The R58 Dual Boiler Espresso Machine V2 from Rocket is built with components that are all commercial grade. That means you can count on it to be durable and dependable. The Rocket brand is also a major reason why you should consider it for your home use.


What are the features that make the R58 Dual Boiler Espresso Machine­ V2 different from the others that are available in the market? Here are some of its special qualities:

Dual Boiler ­ The most notable feature of R58 is its dual boiler system. The boilers work independently for both generating steam and for brewing. The boiler for making steam can hold up to 1.7 liters, while that for brewing can carry 0.58 liters.

Thermo Siphon System
 ­ The thermo siphon system helps improve the stability inside the espresso boiler.

Dual PID Temperature Control
 ­ You can program the dual boilers of the R58 using the remote control PID that can plug to the side. Because it is separate from the machine, the electronic control would not have any effect on the appearance and style of the R58.

Rotary Pump ­
 The commercial­grade rotary pump that is used in the R58 has the distinction of being quieter than other similar pumps being used in espresso machines. The pump pressure can be adjusted using external controls.

Quality Pressure Gauges
 ­ How do you know that everything is working fine inside the R58 Dual Boiler Espresso Machine? With the two pressure gauges on the face of the machine you can see the level of pressure in the pump and in the boilers.

Dual Pre­Infusion System
 ­ Pre­infusion is the process of wetting the ground coffee prior to the actual brewing. It is claimed by coffee experts that this improves the quality of the espresso produced by a machine. The R58 has a dual pre­infusion system with pre­infusion chamber and a piston.

Commercial Parts
 ­ It has been mentioned that R58 is made with commercial parts and that includes the E­61 brewhead and the portafilter. The rotary pump too is of very high quality.


With a high performance machine like the R58, it’s natural that you should expect to get a strong set of benefits out of using it.

Handmade ­ Each Rocket Espresso machine is handmade with the strong Italian handcrafting tradition in mind. Their engineers and craftsmen place great care in building each machine and it shows.

Faster Brewing ­ This is one of the first things that you would expect from an espresso machine with dual boilers and it does not fail to deliver. The boilers also guarantee to maintain the heat consistently.

Easy to Control ­ Controlling the R58 is amazingly easy with the electronic controls that can attach to the side of the machine where it would not mar its steampunk aesthetics.

Connectable with the Plumbing ­ The R58 has a 2.5 liter water tank but you can also connect it with the plumbing in the kitchen.

If you want an espresso machine that can deliver, then this should be at the top of your list.

Data sheet

Electricity220V/1 phase
Frequency (Hz)60, 50



Some people consider the domestic espresso machines built by Italian company ECM in the 1980's as legendary.

When we at Rocket Espresso purchased the rights to build those very machines, we certainly thought so. We then set about turning the legendary machines into the finest handmade espresso machines. Our machines had to be beautiful and made with meticulous care and attention to detail. More importantly the machines of Rocket Espresso had to be capable of producing the finest espresso.

Rocket Espresso, a partnership between New Zealanders Andrew Meo and Italian Daniele Berenbruch, whose father had been the inspiration behind those very first machines.