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Stoelting CC303 Frozen Custard Machine Stoelting CC303 Frozen Custard Machine 2

Stoelting CC303 Ice Cream Custard Machine

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Triple barrel continuous flow Air cooled units require a remote condensing unit (with compressor) and 24 lbs of R-404A per barrel up to a 50 line set. Add 1 lb of refrigerant for every 10 increase to the line set. Line set max 100 Easy to clean design facilitates sanitary operation and ensures the product is always fresh Quick-Freeze Technology™...
Stoelting E111‐38‐I Soft-Serve Freezer
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Stoelting E111‐38‐I Single Flavor Ice Cream &...

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Single Flavor, Counter-top Model IntelliTec control communicates with the operator for worry-free operation Proprietary auger design gently folds mix and prevents product breakdown, producing a smoother, creamier product Clear door shows visible moving product for merchandising appeal
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