Victoria Arduino Eagle One, 2 Group Espresso Machine

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Victoria Arduino Black Eagle Volumetric 2 Group Espresso Machine

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Victoria Arduino Black Eagle Volumetric 2 Group Espresso Machine

  • T3 technology offers the barista control over 3 different temperatures: the steam boiler, the brew boiler, and the saturated group head
  • TFT display
  • Soft Infusion System - Reduces the need for proper tamping
  • Power Saving Options
  • Reverse Mirror - The backplate acts like a mirror allowing baristas to monitor the brewing process
  • Volumetric Dosing: This allows the barista or operator to program the dosage
  • Manual Dosing - A single button that begins and ends the brewing process
  • Cool-Touch thermally insulated wand
  • Steam Boiler Capacity: 14 liters
  • Coffee Boiler Capacity: 0.7 liter
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  • 2 Stainless steel groups with height (105mm).
  • Steam Boiler Capacity: 7lt, Coffee Boiler Capacity: 0.14lt
  • The boilers are made of steel and insulated with a unique material that guarantees extreme thermal insulation.
  • NEO (New Engine Optimization) guarantees high performance while reducing energy consumption.
  • TERS System uses discharged water to heat the incoming water through a recycling method, thus minimizing wastes.
  • Display Touch (2.8") with many functions: recipes, power and temperature management, dose programs, machine cleaning, and maintenance.
  • T3 System and volumetric dosing.
  • Easycream technology for frothing milk fast and professionally using a cool touch steam wand.
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Founded in 1905 by Pier Teresio Arduino, Victoria Arduino has been around for more than 100 years with the aim of creating an espresso machine that didn't compromise on quality, materials or performance. Arduino put a lot of attention and detail into the design of each product, accompanied by rapid advertisement of his product which helped raise awareness and increase the use of his product around the world. His vision is still continued today by his company, by creating products with innovative technology and design like the Victoria Arduino Venus Family Espresso Machine. And even expanding to smart grinders like the Victoria Arduino MDJ On Demand Coffee Grinder.

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