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Bertos G6F3MH12 Gas range Bertos G6F3MH12 Gas range 2
Restaurant Ranges

Bertos G6F3MH12 Gas range

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The cast-iron grates create a unique worktop where it is possible to move pans easily Nickel-plated cast iron high power burners with single or double crown, guaranteed for life, activated by a valve cock with safety thermocouple and pilot light. Chromium-plated grates. A drip pan is removable to enable maintenance and cleaning to be carried out easily...
Bertos G9CP40. Gas Pasta Cooker
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Pasta Cookers

Bertos G9CP40. Gas Pasta Cooker

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High performance guaranteed heating system located on the outside surface of the tank shell with a safety thermostatic valve and protected pilot light ignition Two pressed tub with rounded edges manufactured from AISI 316 stainless steel with independent control for optimal temperature control The ideal equipment for cooking pasta, rice, vegetables and...
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