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Winterhalter STR 155 / STR 208 Conveyor Dishwasher Winterhalter STR 155 / STR 208 Conveyor Dishwasher 2
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Winterhalter STR 155 / STR 208 Conveyor Dishwasher

STR-208 LTR-380v
AED 123,262.08 Free Shipping
Mediamat wash water filtration 180° pivoting hygiene door Deep-drawn hygienic tank Rack-controlled zone activation 2 transport speeds Closed base cover Drain pump Single-button control with colour coding, fault diagnosis and temperature displays 
WINTERHALTER STR-208 Commercial Rack Conveyor Dishwashing
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Winterhalter STR-208 Commercial Rack Conveyor...

STR-208 RTL-220v
AED 82,366.05 Free Shipping
With two conveyor speeds), the STR can adapt to variable quantities of dishes and to their degree of soiling With rack-activated zones, it adapts to changing volumes automatically. The pump is activated and fresh water fed in only if dishes are actually in the respective zone The smooth interior door surface and the deep-drawn tank with rounded...
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