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  • Winston Low Pressure Fryer LP46

    Featuring a self-regulating low-pressure system, this electric pressure fryer gives you the fast results of a high-pressure fryer, but with a fraction of the effort.  the Collectramatic fryer has the largest cold zone in the industry and can perform 20-30 cook cycles without filtration. the fryer’s heat curve can be adjusted to cook up to 8 KG. of fried...

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  • Winston PF46C-380 Collectramatic® pressure/open fryer

    OPEN FRYER, 8 PROGRAMMABLE CHANNEL CONTROL, 5.5 KG (4 HEADS) DIM:1156/1524 X 513 X 762.  Can perform 20-30 cook cycles without filtration. the largest cold zone in the industry which extends shortening life and reduces filtering downtime. MADE IN USA.

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  • Winston PF56C Pressure and Open Fryer

    It has solid-state controls that have eight programmable channels to store time and temperature settings The idle mode maintains low temperature when the fryer is not in use. It requires only 4.72 square feet of space With the Aqualert® water detection software, water won't be allowed to be boiled The cylindrical cooking vessel distributes heat evenly and...

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pressure fryer

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