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Pitco SG14S Commercial Gas Fryer Pitco SG14S Commercial Gas Fryer 2
Cooking Equipment

Pitco SG14S SOLSTICE Gas Fryer

AED 10,999 Free Shipping
Thermostat with temperature range of +200°F to +400°F Stainless steel tank 88 lbs. of french fries per hour Two nickel-plated, wire mesh baskets 1 nickel-plated tube rack 1 drain line clean-out rod 1 drain nipple Built-in heat deflector
Pitco Electric Countertop Rethermalizer Pitco Electric Countertop Rethermalizer 2
Food Holding and Warming Line

Pitco Electric Countertop Rethermalizer

AED 10,003 Free Shipping
Electric solstice rethermalizer 13" (33 cms) 6.0 gallon (22.7 liters) water capacity Full tank Digital controls with LED display Integrated drain screen 316 stainless steel tank, stainless steel cabinet NSF Certified
Pitco E35 Electric Fryer
Commercial Fryers

Pitco E35 Electric Fryer

AED 11,999 Free Shipping
Welded tank with an extra smooth peened finish ensures easy cleaning   Immersion type; sealed construction heating elements with high-temperature alloy stainless steel sheath  Fryers are designed with a fixed heating element to eliminate oil migration through pivot components. This design creates a safer working environment by keeping the hot elements in...

Pitco Frialator, Inc. is a global provider of kitchen equipment for professional fryers. Pitco was established in 1981 by J.C. Pitman. Pitco produces and distributes water cookers, pasta cookers, oil filtration systems, and different types of fryers to the foodservice sector worldwide. The company’s product lines also include gas, electric, ROV, rack, and donut fryers, easy-to-carry filters and oil disposal supports, pasta cookers and rethermalizers.For over a decade, Pitco has manufactured handy equipment to provide the best in fried foods. It has been recognized as an industry leader in design, research, and providing innovative frying concepts.

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